1 September 2012
Will you be getting an IPAD or a Kindle for Christmas?

"It is becoming clear that your gadget shopping list will not contain all things apple, it is likely other brands will be competing for your hard earned cash. For those who raced to buy the new Apple tablet - the question is, will you still be using it in six months, given the design restrictions built into the product. Will your apple tablet end up in six-month time, in the cupboard, as some costly mistake, with the rest of the gadgets you bought in haste, superseded by cheaper, more flexible, and easier to operate devices that are starting to come on to the market?"

By: Nicholas Newman
Certainly, it appears to be a very expensive net book for what it can do. If you are interested in reading, a paperback is so much cheaper, even the new Kindle is a bargain and does it equally as well as the more expensive Apple tablet.

If you desire to use the Apple tablet as a device for writing memos, letters, features, etc., you can get a very good and comfortable net book for the task for a cheaper price. What annoys me is that a decent ergonomic keyboard is not included in the price. What is usually standard with other devices you have to pay extra for?

As for watching films, to be honest I prefer to watch the latest Sherlock Holmes or Hollywood film on a nice big television screen.

I think the Apple tablet can be described as a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none! Do you agree?

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