1 February 2010
Serif Premium Template Pack for Page Plus


By: Nicholas Newman -
A software review

The Serif Template Pack is designed to work in conjunction with Serif’s excellent desk top publishing software PagePlus X4. It consists of an extensive library of document templates, designed for a wide range of purposes for both social and business use that the user can customise. The choice of templates available is designed to suit a range of users from an up and coming public relations agency to an energy consultant.

What’s included in the template pack?

For the home user there are templates for all social occasions including birthday parties, weddings and greetings cards to suit all ages and tastes. Also there are templates available for such home uses as photo albums, DVD labels and calendars.

In order to simplify matters for business users, who wish to maintain a consistent design throughout their corporate stationary, the template pack allows the user a choice of Design Packs, with each design pack allocated its own individual theme and a set of different types of stationary templates. In each design pack the user will find document templates for most administrative and business promotion uses.

There are document templates available for a variety of virtual and business uses including form templates available in PDF formats for brochure requests, customer surveys, expenses claims, invoices, job applications and slide shows for Power Point presentations.

If you are an energy consultant, for instance, looking to upgrade the appearance of the newsletters, press releases and reports you send to your clients, then the easy to use document templates available in the Serif Premium Template Pack should meet your business requirements.

Overall, the quality templates included in the Serif Premium Template Pack are easy to customise, and will provide a very useful resource for creating and publishing documents with a professional image.

Marks out of ten: Ten

by Nicholas Newman - 1 February 2010

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