4th Oct 2011
Oxford First Tuesday 4th Oct Meeting

""King's Arms Broad Street Oxford " "

By: Philip Hunt
Oxford 1st Tuesday's meeting on the evening of 4th October was a pretty lively occasion. Many of the group were fresh from the previous Saturday's workshop on Blogging for Journalists, with ideas still surfacing and a lot of experiment going on.
kings arms meeting
The Kings Arms was also full of this year's intake of freshers, which produced a lot of highly animated conversation, or background noise if you were trying to hear someone. Among the highlights, Michael explained the ins and outs of organising specialist video festivals for fans of motorsport, especially the more historic or classic events, while Dai entertained us with his account of the difficulty of trying to remain sober while working in the high-pressure environment that was Thames Television back in its creative peak of the 1980s.

Newcomer Paul also explained why he was back in England after many years in Galicia, northern Spain, giving an account of the realities of life in modern Spain against a background of economic crisis. The evening also saw a performance from an all-female group called the Mabel Gubbins Rapper Sword Dance. The dance was impressive, even if it was a version of something I've seen before by the Headington Quarry Morris men.

However, I was told afterwards by one of the performers, it was most definitely not Morris dancing, but a rapper sword dance. I therefore stand corrected, and blame my apparent confusion on the 2nd pint of Young's Special. In any case I was impressed by the solo concertina player accompanying the performers; he was playing an English concertina, a rare instrument and something that I know requires skill to play well.

 1st Aerials Oxford




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