- 24 January 2010

"The Olympus DR -1000 Direct Dictation Device is a Dictaphone for the desktop computer. It is designed for those who spend most of their office time chained to the desk. Dictaphones are in common usage in the medical, law enforcement and legal professions. In fact you have probably seen them in use on such popular television shows as NCIS and CSI Miami, where the characters need to keep accurate records to provide evidence for a prosecution."



The Olympus DR-1000 is ideal for dictating many of the standard documents such as patient notes, voice mail, letters, memos to colleagues and even producing podcasts. Increasingly users working from home, including the visually impaired, best selling authors, students and academics are finding the Olympus DR -1000 a useful tool in the work and study environments.

The device itself

The DR-1000 arrives in a box containing the device itself, DSS Player management software, which is easy to install, and a helpful instruction booklet. The DR-1000 itself looks like a television remote control, but is connected with a lengthy USB cable to your desktop. The device itself contains not only the built in microphone but also all the required controls for recording, managing and editing the recording without having to touch the keyboard of your pc. The intuitive design of this piece of equipment enables the user to instinctively use the recording controls with the operation of just one hand.

How it is used?

Just like with any other recording apparatus, it is essential to jot down a structure for the document, maybe the key questions that have to be answered and some vital points before one starts the recording.

The device has capability to index mark up to sixteen times sections within an individual voice file. This feature is essential when you are using the device to interview a colleague. You can use the indexing ability to identify when a question has been asked either during the recording or later during playback.

What to do next with your voice file?

In an office, the user can send via email to an audio typist, located internally or outside the organisation, to listen to the voice file and transcribe it. Using an audio typist, especially someone who is familiar in legal or medical terminology, can be advantageous, as the audio typist can act as an extra level of quality control in the editing process, so reduce the possibility of making mistakes of clarity, intent, spelling and grammar of the document. Also the typist can layout the document in the desired corporate format and style before sending it back by email to the original author for approval.

Voice to text software

In the home, the user might make use of ‘voice to text’ software, which must be purchased separately, to transform the recording into text. However, even with the best home computers the results can be less than perfect. Due to such issues as use of American spelling rather than British, accents, background noise during the recording, usage of unfamiliar technical terms and similar sounding words such as ‘their’ and ‘there’ for instance can create difficulties. Also unintended consequences, where words such as ‘format’ are not only words for initiating commands but also can be part of a normal sentence.

Olympus DSS Player management software

The Olympus DSS Player software that is provided with the DR-1000 also enables the user to subscribe and download podcasts from such providers as the BBC and magazines as the Economist. In addition, the software enables the user to produce and distribute podcasts via email or even sale on such sites as the ITunes website. Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular as a form of promoting ideas and messages for think tanks, academics, writers and business. The DR-1000 enables one to create a quality podcast programme production, which will be easy to distribute by email, for downloading from a company’s website or access on international websites, such as ITunes. Using the Olympus DR-1000 and its included software it is possible for aspiring authors to produce their own audio books or podcasts for sale and distribution on the web. For advice on podcasting see Podcasting for Dummies by Tee Morris et al.

How easy is it to use and install.

The DR-1000, like all Olympus products, is easy to install, reliable and use, in addition the staff on the ’help’ line are both knowledgeable and eager to help. The Olympus DR -1000 Direct Dictation device should prove a very productive device to aid the user in his or her work.

Marks out of ten 10/10

by NICHOLAS NEWMAN - 24 January 2010

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