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Shale gas: Risks, Rewards and Repercussions 

 The arrival of shale gas in Europe raises both opportunities as well as issues for European governments and energy companies operating in the European Economic Area.

Forecasting the future of UK gas supplies

The arrival of shale gas in Europe raises both opportunities as well as issues for European governments and energy companies operating in the European Economic Area. 

Bright Future for Australia's CSG

With Investment and expansion on the rise, the future is looking up for Queensland's csg industry.

Australia powers up

Australia’s vast land is a treasure house of conventional gas and coal seam gas reserves, which is rapidly transforming the country into a major world gas exporter The success of Australia’s gas sector is due in part to the relative ease of access to enormous resources and a well-developed western type economy and legal system that has encouraged foreign investment and competition. It is not surprising that many of the world’s major energy companies, including Shell, BP, Total and Chevron, are making long-term commitments in Australian gas,

Japan's natural disaster will boost demand for LNG imports.

TheJapaneseTohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyo-Okiearthquake and tidal wave that overwhelmed the North East coast of Japan, hit the Japanese power sector hard. It has resulted in substantial damage to the country’s electricity generation and distribution networks, which has resulted in cities throughout the country experiencing rolling blackouts.

Investing in Indonesia's oil and gas industry

Indonesian gas production is set to grow from 72bcm in 2009 to a peak of 89bcm by 2012, before slipping back to 87bcm by 2019, reports Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Europe's gas glut!

Despite Europe already being flooded with cheap gas supplies, there are proposals from major LNG producers to increase gas deliveries to the EU. It is very likely that wholesale gas prices will not return to pre recession prices for sometime to come.

Time For a Gas OPEC?

Should Europe take seriously talk of a gas OPEC or should it form its own?

Russian Ukraine Gas Wars

 The recent gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine has less to do with being a European problem and more to do with being a domestic one, between the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).


The European Union currently imports 44% of its natural gas, with Russia, Norway and North Africa as its main suppliers. Europe is linked by natural gas pipelines to gas fields in neighbouring non EU states, though some gas is transported by Liquid Natural Gas tankers from the Middle East, West Africa and the Caribbean. 

  Preparing For A Gas Nightmare

How Europe is getting ready for another gas crisis!


Real shortages will appear in a few years when Gazprom has to fill two more pipelines (Nord and South Stream), yet it is unable to develop new fields due to lack of current investment.Power ShiftChina could take over as Turkmenistan's leading customer. Since the start of 2009, China has started to import gas through the first phase of the west-east pipeline network, which will link up with other gas fields in the region, eventually supplying some 30bcm per year for 30 years.

Europe's shale gas question  It has been suggested that gas from shale deposits will rival conventional sources in the US in a few years, yet the emergence of shale gas as a significant force is still very new. So is it possible that the story will be repeated in Europe?  Natural Gas Markets in the Middle East and North Africa  Recent events in Libya and Bahrain have been of great concern to many foreign investors, operators and governments concerned with the potential threat of disruption of gas supplies. So far, for Europe, it is fortunate that gas imports from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have not been affected significantly. 

 Indonesian Gas could run out soon

Gas Production to Peak in 2012? Gas could run out by 2030? Though Coal Seam Gas discoveries could be seen as the long term solution.

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