13 July 2011
Macbeth a play by William Shakespeare

""Oxford Theatre Guild’s performance at Trinity College gardens" "

By: A review by Nicholas Newman
Last night’s, Oxford’s Theatre Guild’s performance of Macbeth was full of percussive bashing of swords and Shakespeare’s magical language that made this two and a half hour performance simply come alive!

Macbeth, who was played with passion by Peter Malin, is the man who would be King of Scotland, who struggles with ambition, doubt and his conscience as he takes the treacherous path to kill King Duncan and many of his family and supporters.

Oddly enough, the machinations depicted in the play reminded me of recent political coups in distant lands.

Setting the play in Trinity college gardens was simply magical; it was much appreciated by the audience, the care Oxford Theatre Guild, had taken in providing blankets and hot drinks to keep out the summer evening chill.

The direction by James Reilly and Jessica Welch was exceptional. However, the acting was superb and the work of the backstage team was simply excellent. I especially appreciated the makeup design by Becky Brown, and the dripping blood by Cherry Mosteshar, it looked very realistic!

It is certainly something to see!

The play runs until 22 July 2011


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