8 June


By: Julia Gasper.

I salute the determination of the stall-holders who held their fortnightly Farmers’ Market as usual today in Headington despite buffetting from wind and rain. I went, so as not to miss the seasonal asparagus and the fresh fish stall. The latter was not a disappointment. Despite the fact that summer seems to have been cancelled, fishermen have been out and caught us a wonderful selection of fresh sea-bass, crab, lobster, sole, skate and plaice. I got a nice fat piece of huss, a firm strong-flavoured fish almost like chicken, and will use it to make a fish curry.

I’ve also just discovered Magdalen, a British soft cheese similar in appearance to Camembert but quite different in taste because of course it’s made with English milk, from English cows eating English grass (to paraphrase Rupert Brooke). After loading up with my usual favourites - the scofa bread, the watercress, the Eadles chickens and sausages - I indulged in a large spiced vegetable pasty for my lunch. Highly recommended! The pastry was crisp and the vegetables inside just spicey enough to be tasty without overdoing it. Pasties have been in the news a lot recently - this one deserves to be.

Most of the stall-holders said that their labels and much else had been blown away. I think we were lucky that they carried on with it at all. Well done!

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