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  • Bill Lee CEO of Oxford Film Productions interviews Nicholas Newman energy journalist at
    Bill Lee of Oxford Film Productions interviews Nicholas Newman energy consultant and journalist at, about some of the latest issues affecting the oil and gas sectors in Europe and worldwide.
  • UK Energy Policy Day at Oxford University
    The Environmental Change Institute was founded in 1987 'to organize and promote interdisciplinary research on the nature, causes and impact of environmental change and to contribute to the development of management strategies for coping with future environmental change'. This statement still embodies the ECI’s ethos of purposeful environmental research and knowledge exchange.
  • Responsible Energy Leadership Workshops
    It is clear many of the problems that the global energy industry faces today are a failure to provide effective and responsible energy leadership. Examples of energy leadership failure can be seen from the government reports on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear incident in Japan and Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico. Such incidents could have been either avoided or mitigated if the participating stakeholders had exercised responsible energy leadership. It is clear in both cases that the inherent decision-making culture was not encouraging participants to test and evaluate the suitability, sustainability and implications of their energy leadership decisions.
  • The Impact of Russia’s Refinery Upgrade Plans on Global Fuel Oil Markets
    While higher fuel specifications and regulatory changes in the bunkers market are most likely to have a big impact on long-term fuel oil demand, a structural shift of a similar magnitude on the supply side is already taking place, particularly in Russia, the largest exporter of fuel oil.
  • The Energy North Awards - Nominations Open
    The Energy North Awards will take place on Friday 12th October 2012 at the Drumossie Hotel in Inverness. The evening celebrates the contribution businesses and individuals have made to developing the energy industry in the Highlands & Islands region whether it be a project, service, technology or investment in skills. Headline Sponsor is Harper Macleod, with event sponsors including Highlands & Enterprise, Technip, DECC.
    Saving energy isn't just good for your pocket book, it's also good for the planet. There are many simple things you can do every day to save energy at home.
  • FRACTUALLY INCORRECT: Where are the facts on hydraulic fracturing and climate change?
    The debate on fracking is ever increasing in both frequency and intensity. This so-called dash for gas was given the green light earlier this year by our ‘greenest ever’ government after the findings of a joint report by the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineers concluded that, with close monitoring, hydraulic fracturing for shale gas should go ahead in the UK.
  • Completion of expanded gas storage facility at Gasunie Zuidwending B.V.
    Fastest gas storage facility in the world ready for balancing role in increasingly more sustainable energy mix Backup for gas trading function and security of supply in the Netherlands Project concluded safely and well within schedule and within budget
  • Four new wind turbines contribute to Bristol Green City ambitions
    Green energy company Triodos Renewables plc is installing four 126 metre wind turbines in Avonmouth following a deal with Wessex Water’s renewable energy company GENeco. The turbines are due to arrive on site on 3 October with the four turbine towers being erected in the following two weeks.
  • What's red, delicious and produced in greater quantities in Poland than in any other country in the world?
    World Energy Congress, Daegu, Korea, 17 October 2013: Forces transforming the global energy industry are presenting both opportunities and challenges for Russia, according to senior government and industry figures at the World Energy Congress in Korea.
  • Why is British Energy Policy led by a bunch of Amateurs?
    Energy has been much in the news recently, including threatened closure of an oil refinery, high energy bills etc. The Grangemouth refinery story for instance has been treated in the media as a simple industrial relations story. However, what is being ignored is that European refinery industry is in trouble, due to competition from abroad caused in part by the US shale gas and oil revolution, high energy costs and productivity issues caused failures to invest in new technology.
  • The end of gazproms monopoly Russia v EU
    At Oxford's St.Antony College a panel discussion took place about how the EU and Gazprom view the future development of the European gas market. One thing became clear the importance of European competition law was likely to affect the future of relations between Brussels and Moscow. Also that hopes that Gazprom would loose its monopoly during the current political cycle in Russia, will have to wait until the next federal parliamentary elections.
  • Oman Drydock announces strongest year of trading
  • Challenges to JCC Pricing in Asian LNG Markets
  • All gas storage capacity offered in Gasunie Zuidwending auction sold

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