DrawPlus X5

"A software review by Nicholas Newman 12 September 2011 "

What is it?
DrawPlus X5 is a graphics studio package for digital illustration and painting.

Who is it aimed at?

DrawPlus X5 is designed for both the professional and amateur user. If you are a graphic artist, an illustrator, a desktop publisher or a web designer, you will find it a very useful. It's extremely versatile, both amateurs and professionals will find features to satisfy their requirements.

What can you use it for?

DrawPlus is great for generating wall art, posters, adverts, logos, book illustrations and cartoons, animations, graphic illustrations, website design, edit PDFs, posters... The only limit is your imagination!

Easy to learn

For the first time user, the layout is very user friendly and intuitive, however Serif provides plenty of useful tutorials and on screen guidance that make it quick to learn. The online tutorials show you some of the neat things you can do. If you have any of Serif's other products, then the set-up is pretty much the same and you'll be able to get going straight away, but a great deal of the icons will be recognizable to most of us anyway.

Amazing Features

Amongst some of the amazing features are:
• Easy vector conversion - You can convert a bitmap into a vector logo using the trace and zoom in tools, which gives pretty good results on its own. In addition, with other tools, you can utilize to sharpen the image up.
• Incorporated PhotoLab - Not only does having a great photo-editing suite included in DrawPlus mean that you don't have to purchase any separate software, it also means a lot less hassle, as all your imaging can be done within the one program without switching from one to another. Product Info
Our Rating:

• Graphics tablet compatible - No separate installations were needed in order for my graphics tablet to work immediately with Draw Plus, and the ability to use one makes such a difference.
• Animation Creation - You can go for complex story boards and create your own cartoon, or you can design some really eye-catching web banners.

Because of its flexibility, it’s a great tool for both the novice and the professional. Like everything else from Serif, great value for money!
To find out more http://www.serif.com/drawplus/

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