Dai Richards.


Dai Richards is an international film and documentary maker based in Oxford, UK ., who works for a range of broadcasters including the BBC, Al Jazeera and National Geographic.




An example of Dai's most recent documentary work:

Those Chilean Miners - Still Trapped, first broadcast Al Jazeera English at 9pm Thursday, 18th August 2011 at 20.00 GMT to those of you outside Britain.

In the film, some of the miners trapped underground for seventy days last year talk about their limited life choices, the poor conditions they’d worked in for years, their ordeal when trapped and how they have fared since (not well in most cases).

It is the first in a new strand of hour-long documentaries called CORRESPONDENTS.

Al Jazeera English is at channel 89 on Freeview and channel 514 on Sky. You can also see it via Al Jazeera’s website, http://english.aljazeera.net/programmes  .


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