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Headington’s Mr Chocolate celebrates five years of success!


By Nicholas Newman Oxford, June 2, 2013: 


Headington’s Coco Noir is Oxfordshire’s sole provider of fresh gourmet Belgium chocolate delights.  Chocolate lovers of every preference find something to satisfy and excite their taste buds. Amongst the broad range of exciting delicacies on offer are dark chocolate ganache with Armagnac, sea salt caramel, almonds with Brazil nuts, dark chocolate truffles, dark chocolate with orange tea and white cardamom with coconut & pistachio. Coco Noir’s chocolates are freshly made, no more than 4 weeks old and at most contain only six ingredients. Coco Noir’s chocolate is fresh, crisp, and delicate but also on offer are sharp/hot tastes such as chili for every palate.


Customers at Coco Noir

A Passion For Chocolate!

Coco Noir Chocolates

Majid, the owner of Coco Noir, has a passion for chocolate which he shares with customers of all ages. Local children now address Majid as “Mr. Chocolate Man” and demand chocolate treats from him only. His major customers include London commuters, local residents and businesses, many of Oxford's colleges, celebrities and those organizing social and corporate events, including weddings and visits to the races. For weddings, you will find him working until four o'clock in the morning packing a hundred and sixty wedding favours with assorted dark, milk and white chocolates. Coco Noir’s chocolates can also be found further afield in nine exclusive hotels in the Gulf States.

Gourmet Chocolates

Six years ago, after dinner in a Swiss restaurant, Majid was given , instead of the usual mass produced artificial tasting cheap chocolate mint, an extremely delicious chocolate truffle sourced from the Belgian town of Kortrijk, a place well known for the production of quality handmade chocolates. It was this delicious after dinner experience which led Majid to serve an after dinner gourmet chocolate to diners in his familys’ restaurant. Majid‘s innovation, proved so popular that customers arrived at the restaurant solely to buy boxes of these fantastic chocolates. Demand proved to be so great that Majid took the opportunity to open Oxford’s first and only dedicated chocolatier ‘Coco Noir’. Since then the chocolate business has boomed, and Majid has opened shops in London and Hong Kong in partnership with business colleagues and he has plans to open a similar venture in Oxford city itself and the surrounding areas.

To Contact Majid owner of Coco Noir

77A London Road Headington Oxford OX3 9AA

Phone number 01865 236073


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