2 February 2012
Bright Future for Australia's CSG

"Queensland Mining and Energy Bulletin"

By: Nicholas Newman


With Investment and expansion on the rise, the future is looking up for Queensland's csg industry. Nicholas Newman reports.

The future for the state’s coal and coal seam gas (csg) industries is looking up! Overseas demand for these sectors continues to increase at a steady pace. As a result, there are ambitious plans to invest billions of dollars to dramatically expand capacity. However, the industries’ expansion plans face several obstacles that need to be resolved. They include the recently announced carbon tax, skills shortages and local opposition due to environmental problems.

To read the rest see http://ebook.aprs.com.au/issue/50246?popup=subscribe or http://www.qmeb.com.au/editorial/coal-and-csg/bright-future-for-queenslands-csg

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