A Journalists Guide to Face book

"By Cleland Thom CTJT Publications 2010"

By: A book review by Nicholas Newman
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Today, there is much discussion about the relative merits of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and Twitter, yet little practical advice on how to avoid the hazards that face a professional journalist. Such social networking sites are proving, for some journalists, a useful new source of story ideas and leads. Indeed, such virtual sites are being used by some reporters as the equivalent of overhearing a story on a bus or in a pub.

However, for professional writers operating in the increasingly legally hostile environment that faces the media in Britain today, the practical proactive advice given by Cleland Thom, one of the media industry’s leading legal gurus should prove especially useful.

What is refreshing about this guide is not only does it provide advice on what not to do, but also provides positive practical work practices that should minimise legal hazards. These include the advice that when reporters are participating in social networking sites, it is recommended that they reveal that they are journalists, and the necessity to keep a record of any social networking communications for future reference.

No journalist should be without one!

Marks out of Five: Five out of five.

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